FBD Hotels & Resorts Employee Discount Programme

FBD Hotels & Resorts have, not one but two new discount initiatives to offer all employees at the company as a token of our appreciation for our great teams.


Firstly, employees can avail of exclusive set rates for themselves to stay in any of our six fabulous properties in Ireland and Spain.


Secondly, we are offering a friends and family discount which should ensure you are even more popular than ever with your loved ones. The discount will be 30% off best available B&B rates in five of our properties and 15% off at Sunset Beach Club.


What’s more, both initiatives are very convenient to use. Both you and your friends & family can avail of these discounts by simply visiting the property website of your choice and entering the appropriate promocode. You are free to share the friends and family promocode.


These discounts are available, subject to availability and some terms & conditions


Click the image to enlarge the Employee Discount Rates 2022/23

employee discounted rates 2022 23 



For the Employee Discount Rates, simply enter one of the two promocodes below on the booking section of your selected property.



for Bed & Breakfast Rates



for Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Rates

(Not available at Sunset Beach Club)


For the Friends and Family Discount

You can give them the promocode below.




You will need to complete a validation form and send it to your HR department on behalf of either yourself or your friend/family member for us to verify their entitlement for the discount. If they are not deemed valid, they will have to pay at the best available public rate for those dates.


 Click here for a step by step guide on how to book a room with the promocode


How does the initiative work?

Visit the website of the FBD hotel or resort you are looking to book. When you look to search dates, there will be a question on the screen asking if you have a promocode. Simply click over the question and it will allow you to enter the code. If you’re an employee booking for yourself, you will use the employee promocode and if it’s a friend or family member, they should enter the separate friends and family promocode.

Once entered, if the discounted rate is available the website will show the adjusted hotel prices at the appropriate rate. From there, the employee, friend or family member of the employee simply books the hotel as normal.


What do I need to remember?

It is essential that any bookings made through the initiative are accompanied by a completed validation form, which are available from your HR department. Without this, the booking will be charged at the normal public rate. This relates to both employee bookings and those on the friends and family initiative.

Please make sure that any friends or family members inform you if they have used the promocode as you will need to complete a separate friends and family validation form on their behalf, confirming that they qualify for the discount. Validation forms can either be emailed or hand delivered to the HR department or both.  All validation forms will be signed off by HR and sent to the booked hotel.


Terms & Conditions

·        Bookings must be made online on any of the hotel websites or via fbdhotels.com.

·        An approved validation form must be completed by an employee, either on their own behalf or on behalf of their friends or family members  and verified by the designated managers within the hotel that the employee works, to qualify for any discount.

·         The hotel that the employee works will send the validation form on to the reservations department of the destination hotel on behalf of the employee at least three days before the date of arrival.

·         You must be a current employee of the hotel when the validation form is approved for you, your friend or family member. Otherwise, the best available public rate will apply.

·         The initiative is subject to availability and available rates and dates are at the discretion of each hotel.

·         The employee rate is only guaranteed for one room per night up to a maximum of 3 nights per hotel in Ireland and 14 nights per hotel in Spain. Additional rooms or nights may be available on a request basis.

·         The hotels can release availability at the employee discount rate, 14 days out in the Irish hotels and 60 days out at the Spanish properties. Employees can still make requests within this period, but it shall only be approved at the hotel’s discretion.

·         A maximum of 3 rooms can be booked by any one person at any one time on the friends and family initiative. If you require more rooms, it will be on a request basis, and available at the hotel’s discretion. If an employee stays with friends and family, only the employee's room is available at staff rate and up to two more rooms may be booked at the friends and family rate, if both benefits are available on those particular dates.

·         Hotel’s cancellation policy applies, details can be found on the confirmation email along with the hotel T&C’s.

·         The final decision on whether any employee or their friends or family members qualify for a discounted rate will be made by the General Manager of the hotel in which the guest wishes to stay. This takes precedence over any other policy or rule within the employee, friends & family initiative.

·         FBD Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to make changes or terminate the initiative at any time.